Exponential notation is confusing

When you print torch.tensor, it becomes exponential notation “+e”, and the meaning is sometimes difficult to understand.

I want to convert it to normal decimal notation.


This will give you decimal notation.


I’m a freelance engineer.
Work consultation
Please feel free to contact us with a brief development description.

I am making an app that uses Core ML and ARKit.
We send machine learning / AR related information.






I want to create a custom model that improves the color and tone of the image

Image-Adaptive-3DLUT is a model that can learn 3D Look Up Table to enhance the image.

The pre-trained model is trained on a retouched dataset called FiveK, but it can also be trained on custom data.

Training procedure

Data preparation

Prepare the data in the following format.

Resized to 480px square.

set up