How to operate powerful 3D objects

More powerful content with the power of computers

Easy display AR on your smartphone using ARKit


The latest machine learning often uses Pytorch’s wrapper library.

Easy-to-use automatic coloring

Color old monochrome photographs


How to use

colorizer = get_image_colorizer(artistic=False) colorized_image_path = colorizer.plot_transformed_image_from_url(url=source_url, render_factor=35, compare=True, watermarked=False)

Detects objects with a machine learning model using the iPhone camera

If you can detect objects with your smartphone, you can use them in various ways. But it seems difficult

Try it now with the easy-to-use Core ML model


How to use ultra-accurate machine learning object detection and segmentation model.

We want to detect and sort dense objects one by one, which cannot be detected by conventional object detection.

The latest model by FaceBook Reseach is amazing

How to cut out only the face from the iPhone photo library

It’s hard to prepare a dataset

It would be convenient if you could use the photos of your iPhone

This is a way to brighten a video shot in a dark place.

We want to get information from a dark and unclear video

The lightweight brightness-enhanced model Stable LLVE is amazing


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