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RealityKit sample collection “RealityKit-Sampler” has been released as open source.
RealityKit is Apple’s latest AR framework.


The source code is on GitHub, so feel free to use it.

Since there are not many official samples for operating RealityKit simply, RealityKit-Sampler is careful about “covering the elements that make AR…

Reality Kit for making AR apps on iOS.
In this article, you can learn how to use RealityKit from basic to advanced.
Please use it as an introduction and an index.

(If you have never created an app, read “Create your first app”.)


Displaying AR screen with RealityKit

Displaying AR…

If you have never made an iOS app, this is the way to make your first app.
Create a simple app that displays images.

1. Open your Mac

You need an iMac or Macbook to create an iOS app.

2. Download Xcode

Open the app in the App Store, search for “Xcode” and download Xcode.

You can understand MVVM

“I often hear about MVVM, but I don’t know what it is.”

“I want to play with SwiftUI, but the writing procedure and code layout seem to be complicated.”

If you’re thinking like this, read this article to get a feel for the design of SwiftUI-MVVM.

What is MVVM?

MVVM is a code…


Machine learning model can be used on iOS

By using CoreML, the trained model can be used even on edge devices.
All of the following models can be used on iOS devices without server communication.

Image Classification:Convert Efficientnet to Core ML [There is a converted model]

Similarity measurement

Object Detection

Semantic Segmentation:Converting DeepLabV3 to CoreML Model.

Image Generation:This…

I want to reduce memory usage.

Viewing rich USDZ files with ARKit consumes a lot of memory.
Even in 3D with a file size of several tens of MB, the memory consumption due to rendering will be several hundred MB, and if you try to display multiple files, it will drop.

I usually use SceneKit, but…

After read this, you will have already known how to use TensorFlow Object Detection API.


The sample notebook

You can try the inference of TensorFlow Object Detection API by just running the cells in the sample notebook one by one. …

The super modern animation library.

Do you know very easy way to use modern animations in your app.
Lottie will make your app really modern.
A wide variety of animations and buttons.
You can use them in free.

Animation Example.

Install Lottie.

(SwiftPackageManager version. Just follow the procedure.)

Open the Xcode project.
Set Dead Code Stripping to “No” in Linking

You can train DeepLab v3 + with the original dataset.
Use the official TensorFlow model.
How to use DeepLab is basically written in the official repository.
If you have any questions, please read this article.

The images above are PASCAL VOC dataset, but you can train with your own dataset.


Step 1. Set the model and module


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