Advantages of using AI on smartphones

4 min readMar 14, 2023

Benefits for service providers and users alike

(Reference image: From yolov5 repository)

AI can also run on smartphones.
Putting AI on smartphones has many advantages over AI running on servers.

[Comparison diagram: AI on the server]
[Comparison diagram: AI on smartphone]

Advantage 1: Fast execution speed

By running AI on smartphones, data communication time between the terminal and server can be omitted, and it can be executed at high speed without stressing the user.

Advantage 2: No server charges

The AI ​​on the smartphone uses the user’s smartphone’s CPU/GPU and battery.
The server AI consumes the service provider’s electricity bill, and the more it is installed on the cloud, the more it costs.
As the number of users increases, the service provider must pay the server fee.
In comparison, with smartphone AI, service providers do not need to pay a single yen for the execution cost of AI.

Advantage 3: Easy to create services optimized for individual users

The AI ​​on the smartphone is in the hands of the user, and learning is possible in an environment where user data is easy to access , so there is an advantage that it is easy to customize AI services optimized for individual users.

Advantage 4: Offline use

By running AI on your smartphone, you can use the application even when you are not connected to the network . This enables offline usage and improves the user experience.

Advantage 5: Improved privacy

Your privacy is protected without the need to send your data to the cloud.
When running AI on a smartphone, processing can be performed without sending the user’s personal or confidential information to the outside world.

How to incorporate AI into your smartphone

For example, to incorporate AI into an iOS app such as iPhone, AI is converted into a file format called CoreML and incorporated into the app.

CoreML files for various AIs are available at the links below.
I converted all of them.

For example, the following AI functions can be used on smartphones.
It’s up to you how you use them in your business and services.

Image Classification

You can classify what is in the photo.

Object Detection

You can see the type and position of the object in the smartphone camera.


You can get the outline of the object in the image.


Replaces the filled area with the background.

Super Resolution

Clean up low quality images.

Enhanced Image Quality

You can clean images with poor lighting.

Style Conversion

You can convert it to anime style.

Image Generation

You can create an image by inserting text.


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