Cloth segmentation to segment clothes

It is a method to detect and separate only the area of ​​clothes in the image.

We want to make an application for clothes

We can create various applications by segmenting clothes such as fashion EC and fitting apps.

Detecting clothing areas with machine learning

Semantic segmentation can be used to automatically detect clothing areas.

You can easily execute it in Python using the following model.

Also, by using the model converted to CoreML format, it can be executed on iOS and MacOS devices and can be applied to iOS apps.



From installation to execution, Colab is available.

When executing from an inference file.

If you just want to try it, there is also a web app available.


To run on iOS, download the CoreML model from CoreML-Models and bundle it with your project.

Good accuracy

The accuracy is quite good, so it seems that you can create a convenient application.


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Freelance iOS developer. You can ask me for a job from any country.

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Freelance iOS developer. You can ask me for a job from any country.

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