Create a 3D model from a single photo with the PIFuHD demo

I do not know how it works, but you can do exactly as my title says.

3D result video (GoogleDrive):

Colab Notebook Demo

Just run the cells in the official demo of the project.

There is a cell to upload your own image on the way.

When execution is complete, a result_{image_file_name}.obj file will be created in the results directory.
If you use Mesh Lab(Free 3D viewer), you can easily let it go round and round in 3D.

The ReadMe on GitHub says, “If you see serious artifacts, try removing the background using a ready-made tool such as removebg.” So it seems better to have a clear contrast between the person and the background. Right.

Also, there seems to be an option to specify the mesh resolution “-r” in the cell “Run PIFuHD!”.
But in the comments, “256 seems to be the maximum resolution that fits in Google Colab.
# If you want to rebuild a higher resolution mesh, try it on your own machine. “.

removebg is also nice, but there is a convenient free application called “Blur” that allows you to easily remove the background of a person on your iPhone. I wonder who made it…It’s me!!!

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