Generate game characters with AI [Stable Diffusion on Mac]

2 min readMar 22, 2023

Create game character pictures with AI

Game character art is worth it. The user spins the gacha and charges for the character picture.
This time, I will try to make a character picture in one shot with AI. You can do it on your Mac.

Download model

There are several AIs that can generate game/anime style characters, but this time we will use a StableDiffusion model called OrangeMix.
The model can be downloaded from CoreML-Models .

Download Mac App

The app uses MochiDiffusion .
Download from below.

When you launch the MochiDiffusion app, the documents/MochiDiffusion/models directory will be created in your Mac’s Documents folder, so put the model downloaded from CoreML-Models there.


Select OrangeMix as the app model, enter the text that represents the character you want, and run it.
You can generate it with the attributes of the character you want, such as “blue hair” or “brave”.


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