Get AI to be a designer ~ Create a brand logo ~ Image generation with StyleGAN-xl

3 min readMar 16, 2023


Develop designer AI

Corporate and brand logos require sophisticated designs that appeal to people’s hearts.
Let AI learn many logos in the world and create new logo ideas with design appealing to people’s hearts.

collect logo data

First, collect a lot of beautiful logo images.
This time we collected 20000 fictitious logo images.

let AI learn

Let AI learn the collected logo images.

Get AI to generate images

An AI that has successfully learned the characteristics of a logo can generate a completely new logo.

This time, it was not possible to learn well, probably due to the variation in the dataset, or because the GPU was not charged enough. . .

concrete programming

We use StyleGANxl.

Install StyleGAN

git clone
cd stylegan-xl
pip install dill
pip install ftfy
pip install timm==0.5.4
pip install Ninja
pip install setuptools==59.5.0
pip install torch==1.9.0+cu111 torchvision==0.10.0+cu111 torchaudio==0.9.0 -f

Preparing the dataset

Collect a lot of images and put them in a directory.
Run the dataset creation script.

python --source=path_to_images_dir --resolution=256x256


You can start learning with this script.

python --outdir=checkpoints --cfg=stylegan3-t --gpus=1 --batch=64 --mirror=1 --snap 10 --batch-gpu 8 --kimg 10000 --syn_layers 10

Image generation

Generate images with learned AI.

python --outdir=out --trunc=0.7 --seeds=10-15 --batch-sz 1 \

Video generation

python --output=out.mp4 --trunc=0.7 --seeds=200-231 --grid=4x2 \

I failed this time, but you can also generate characters and so on.


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