Let AI learn a person and generate various free images of that person

4 min readMar 20, 2023

Create your own free stock images

Free Images are convenient, aren’t they?
It’s commercial-friendly, so you can use it on your own web page, app, or ad.
Images like this ↓

However, the number of free images is limited, so it can be difficult to find the image you want.
Like, I want an image of this person drinking orange juice, but it doesn’t exist.
Therefore, this time, we will use AI to generate a completely different image of the person from the person of the free material that already exists.


1. Collect images of a person

This time, we collected images of this model from a free material site called Pakutaso . 53 sheets.
We don’t know her name, but we’ll call her “Pakutaso-chan”.

2. Let the AI ​​learn the image of the person

Let AI eat the image of this “Pakutaso-chan”.
At first, wedon’t know if it’s similar or not, but the AI is gradually learning.

3. Enter text describing the image you want and generate an entirely new image of that person

“Pakutaso-chan” “Looking at the camera” “Black hair”
“Pakutaso-chan” “Drinking orange juice”

Although the training time is short and it is a little similar, various images can be generated based on this facial taste.
For example, an advertisement for orange juice, you can create an image according to the purpose you want to use.

Programming procedure

0. Install and start StableDiffusion-WebUI


1. Collect image data

2. Start learning by setting up learning with StableDiffusion-WebUI

・Determine the word corresponding to the image data

This time, we will match the word “pakutasochan”.

・Perform image preprocessing

The preprocessed image is saved to the save destination

・Specify the image directory and start learning

3. Generation

Generate a vector of text pakutasochan called pakutasochan.pt, which is saved as a result of learning, in the stable-diffusion-webui/embeddings folder, restart the webUI, and insert the text.


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