Solution for “PyTorch convert function for op ‘_record_function_enter’ not implemented.” in CoreMLTools

I get an error and can’t convert (cries)

When converting a Pytorch model with CoreMLTools,
you may encounter the title error.

This model cannot be converted because the necessary operations are not available in CoreMLTools. . .


If you think like that, you can actually solve it easily.

The model with the title error is

torch.nn.DataParallel(module, device_ids=None, output_device=None, dim=0)

Isn’t it wrapped in ?

(If not, this solution won’t work, sorry)

This seems to be a module that enables multiprocessing with CPU and GPU, so it is not necessary when converting to CoreML.

So, if you convert the original model that does not wrap, the error in the title will not appear.

How was? Were you able to convert?


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