The easy long press menu with Context Menu.

This is a simple way to create a menu function that you often see in the app.

Long press then show menu.

We want to make a long press pop-up highlight that is easy to understand, but it seems very difficult to make it from scratch. .. ..

We want to use these functions that I often see in apps, but it seems that animation settings are very difficult.

There was a very useful UIKit feature

The Context Menu allows you to add this functionality in the short code.


Add to UICollectionView

Since the CollectionView originally has a delegate method, this is easier than adding it to a single View.

Just with this, it will animate the View, pop up the menu and blur the background.
Haptics are also included.
Tap it again to deselect it.

The display position of the menu is also automatically adjusted so that it can be seen properly.

Add to UIView

Add the contents of the popup menu with the delegate method.

Speed ​​up app development.

I hope you can quickly create an easy-to-understand UI by using these functions.


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