Yolov7 ! ~ 2022 Summer ~ High-speed, high-precision object detection

We want to use a faster object detection model! !!

Yolov7 ~ It was a new version of the high speed object detection series.

It is 120% faster than Yolov5.

from original repo

How to use

Inference by pretrained model

For source, specify the image path, image folder path, or 0 (web camera).

I was able to infer in 0.057s on the GPU of Colab.

Training the model

Use on mobile devices

Click here for the model I converted to CoreML (with NMS)

Train with your original data and create a useful app!


I’m a freelance engineer.
Work consultation
Please feel free to contact us with a brief development description.

I am making an app that uses Core ML and ARKit.
We send machine learning / AR related information.





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