You can create a 3D model just by taking a picture with your iPhone. Amazing Apple.

How to make a realistic 3D model just by taking a picture

Use Apple’s tools to easily create 3D models.

Photo to 3D model
Real turtle and captured one

We want to make a realistic 3D model

If you have a lot of 3D models that you can use, you can use them for AR and game applications.
However, there are quite a few 3D models that can be freely used in AR and games (personal opinion).
Even if you look at download sites, beautiful content is charged.

It seems difficult to make a 3D model

It seems difficult to make it by yourself, such as modeling and converting with 3D software.

With Apple’s Reality Kit, you can model just by taking a picture

By the way, in 2021, Apple released a tool that creates a 3D model just by taking a picture.
This is relatively easy to create, and you can create realistic objects.
It recognizes prominent objects and separates them from the background and floor.


1. Take a picture

With your camera (OK on iPhone), take pictures of what you want to make in 3D from all directions. I usually put the stuffed animal on the carpet and took it 360 degrees from the side and covered it in a hemispherical shape from above.

The conditions were as follows:

  • In a bright place
  • To make the whole object appear as large as possible
  • -To make the object overlap 70% or more between the photograph and the next photograph, I took it diligently.

I took 200 pictures.
Send it to your mac and put it in a folder.

2. Download Apple tools

It is available from the developer site.

If you build with Xcode, a file called HelloPhotogrammetry will be created in the product folder, so open it in the finder and check the location.

3, execution

<Path_to_HelloPhotogrammetry> <Path_to_input_image_folder> <Path_to_output_file.usdz>

This will generate a USDZ model.
It took about 20 minutes for 200 photos.

Click the link on your iPhone to try out the USDZ model of turtle in AR.

Enriching 3D content

Some people have uploaded the models created by this method to the 3D model sharing site, and it would be great if various people could scan various things to enrich the 3D models and contents.


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