You can too! Create a 4-panel cartoon of Snow White with the topical image generation AI StableDiffusion [Comes with a Colab notebook that can be done just by running]

3 min readMar 19, 2023


Is it a loss if you don’t do it? AI that you can use now

Image generation AI is a hot topic, but people who use it seem to be having fun and are cunning!
We want to use it ourself!

I don’t know how to use it when I use it.
It was really easy.

This time, We will try to make four panels of the famous fairy tale Snow White and see how easy it is.


Open the notebook below.

Press the Execute ▶︎ button.
open the link. (Running on public URL) This screen appears. enter the text. Generate.

only this.

1st pannel

Snow White,the Seven Dwarfs, smiling
, looking happy

2nd pannel
Evil Queen, disguised as an old woman, is offering Snow White a poisoned apple. Snow White is hesitant but the Evil Queen convinces her to take a bite.

3rd panel
Snow White is lying on a bed, apparently lifeless, while the Seven Dwarfs are gathered around her, looking sad and mourning her death.

4th pannel
The Prince, kisses, Snow White, awakens, the Seven Dwarfs embrace, look on in joy


I used ChatGPT’s summary to make the story into 4 panels.


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